SpellBlast started their music career in 1999 presenting themselves as a power metal band; their first approach to the audience was in 2004 with the release of a demo titled “Ray Of Time”. Afterwards the band performed at several gigs: to be noted among the others some shows along with Stormlord and the attendance to the BloodStock06 English Festival, where they played on the main stage alongside bands like Primal Fear, My Dying Bride, Axel Rudi Pell and Brainstorm. Just before the end of 2006 SpellBlast released their first full length album, HORNS OF SILENCE, recorded, mixed and mastered at New Sin Studio (where also bands like Labyrinth, Domine, White Skull, Elvenking worked on the making of their albums). The Band still keeps its power sounds, but some folk influences start to pervade SpellBlast music; In that occasion the Band could also rely on a prestigious Special Guest at the voice: Damnagoras from Elvenking. Immediately after, a contract was signed with Fuel Records and “Horns Of Silence” distribution started in Italy by Self and in the rest of the world by Frontiers Records; to be noted a special release in Taiwan through J Stone (Division of Magnum Music). The launch of SpellBlast on the global metal scene was definitely done. Meanwhile a strengthening of the rhythmical section of the upcoming tracks combined to a much stronger approach to folk components, gave a very personal sound to SpellBlast music, resulting from the mix of both folk and power elements, now winking at a heavy-epic metal. The second full length, BATTLECRY, was released on April 23rd, 2010: it confirmed this more powerful and aggressive style in the 12 tracks recorded – once more at the excellent New Sin Studio – this time with the extraordinary presence of Fabio Lione at the voice (Rhapsody of Fire/ Vision Divine) and the support of Folkstone’s bagpipes. The album, completely self produced by the band, is distributed in Italy by Self and by Twilight in the rest of the world. Time passes by and during the writing of the new album other changes occur among the musicians, leading the Band to the current line up. With a now renovated section of drums and rhythm guitar, the fivesome from Lombardy records the video of Ragnarok (Dream Of The End) and gets ready to attend the mini tour that will take place at the end of May in Finland, before starting the recording of their third full length.


Luca Arzuffi – Guitars
Xavier Rota – Bass
Daniele Scavoni – Vocals
Michele ”Mikymetal” Olmi – Drums & Percussions