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HeavenShine rise from the ashes of the famous heavy metal band Marshall, and from the sharp change of genre asked by the members of the band. The three original members from Marshall (Mazzola, Holestone and Signore) are joined now by the powerful rhythm guitar of Giuseppe Pandolfi (Black Inside), and by the techincal solos of Joe Dardano (also from Marshall); the new soprano voice is brought to life by the talented Miriam Cicotti
Their first full-length is titled Black Aurora, produced by Gerardo Cafaro (organizer and art director of the Agglutination Metal Festival) and by Self/Fuel. HeavenShine combine symphonic metal atmospheres with powerful rhythms and aggressive vocals, blending them to create a completely new style.


Marco Signore – Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Lino Mazzola – Drums
Ly Holestone – Bass
Giuseppe Vittoria Dardano – Lead guitars
Giuseppe Pandolfi – Rhythm guitars
Miriam Cicotti – Soprano